Intelligent Interconnection

In China, Changan is the company first to put the intelligent human-vehicle life functionality into mass production which is realized by establishing a cloud-based background interconnection between Changan, JD and IFLYTEK. Combining human, vehicle and home together into one intelligent unit via 3 voice portals (phone, car, smart home) to create an enjoyable and intelligent lifestyle.

Smart Interaction

Intelligent audio control system can easily operate active start-up, Personalization, audio intervention, and other features via Xiaoan, your audio secretary which has been carried out on several models, such as CS95, CS75 launched in 2017

Intelligent R&D

Supported by intelligent driving, intelligent networking and intelligent interaction, Changan Automobile is planning to build intelligent vehicle platform through different stages.

Intelligent Driving Level III: Highly Automatic Driving

Raeton completed a 2,000 km autonomous test drive from Chongqing to Beijing in April 2016. It signified that the intelligent driving technology of Changan has completely reached level III of intelligent driving—conditional automatic driving. It is expected to apply on mass production vehicles in 2020.

Intelligent driving level II: Semiautomatic Driving

Fully independent development of APA 4.0 (automatic parking system)

Intelligent Driving Level I: Assisted Driving

Standardized application of the intelligent driving level I product on full-series models in 2017